Are you a powder junky? Have you ever slept through the biggest dump of the winter? Was that weather forecast incorrect and you had wished you had slept in? Do you sleep through those resort snow notifications and emails? Have you ever followed that 24 hour snow report only to find all the snow fell the previous day and has been skied out?

Snow data updated hourly

Our service supplies hourly snow depth readings so you app is always up to date. No need to wait for the morning ski report. Want to check the amount of snow in the middle of the night? Powder Alarm makes it possible.

Alarms for up to 3 different resorts

Set time & depth for up to three of your favorite resorts.

Includes standard alarm clock

Want to make this the only alarm you have to set. Powder Alarm includes a standard alarm which will sound if the snow you were hoping for didn't come.

Powder alarm is the only iPhone snow report to take hourly readings and guarantees that you don't sleep through another powder day.

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